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New MDDF Podcast – Super Bowl Spectacular

It’s Super Bowl week! Mainz and Dutts are joined by Patriots fan Tony and UK Endzone NFC West writer Andy Symes (Seahawks fan) to discuss the two teams chances on Sunday. Our heroes then do battle with the Internet to discuss some amusing prop bets for the big game. All Download Links ITunes Hipcast Stitcher

josh gordon

The sad case of Josh Gordon

It’s time to add another chapter to the frustrating story of Josh Gordon. A sad tale of what might have been; a star wide receiver in the making now ridiculed due to his severe lack of discipline,work ethic, and, (perhaps most sadly,) care towards himself and his stature within the game. This was brought into an…

What's going on?

It’s time to end this Patriots saga

By Ollie Connolly I’m pissed off. I’m annoyed as a sports writer, I’m devastated as a sports fan. I’m angry at the world; the media, the Patriots and myself. There’s so many questions that need to be answered, by the NFL, Patriots, officials, ball boys and media. What the heck really happened? Who did what?…


Ollie Connolly’s Big Board 2.0

Big Board | Mariota vs Winston | Mock Draft | Top-100 | Top-5 by position By Oliver Connolly It’s the second board of the draft season and there’s not a great deal of movement. Leonard Floyd (previously #12) returned to school and two previously unranked players jump onto the board. Many of the scout reports…

Chicago Bears Introduce John Fox

The Bears Have Their Coaches

Last week, I gave the Bears’ coaching in 2014 an F. It might be too early to say for sure… but we can probably safely bet that their grade this time next year will be better. On Monday, the Bears introduced former Broncos boss John Fox as their new head coach to replace the fired…